IFPL (Inflight Peripherals Ltd)

IFPL (Inflight Peripherals Ltd)
Elm Lane
Isle of Wight
PO30 4JY
United Kingdom
+44 1983 555 900

IFPL (Inflight Peripherals Ltd) designs and manufactures a large range of passenger interface products. It has a bespoke design service so that its customers can offer their passengers total choice whether they are using portable electronic devices, or an embedded in-flight entertainment (IFE) system.

The company’s extensive experience of the IFE industry has made it the choice of major IFE suppliers and many of the world’s major airlines. IFPL components are installed in over 250,000 aircraft seats worldwide.

IFPL holds EASA approval (21G) and in 2008 received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

IFPL’s highly reliable Long Life jack has been tested to 100,000 headset plug insertions, and the company says it lasts ten times longer than other jacks on the market.

Meanwhile its Rapid Fit jack is designed to offer ease of maintenance and low ongoing costs. The jack part is housed within a low-cost removable cassette that can be replaced in under a minute, without the need to remove the main unit from the seat. This compares with approximately 10 minutes to replace a standard jack module.

Low-cost noise cancellation is achieved with the INCAM jack; IFPL places the expensive and complex noise cancellation electronics in the jack module, not in the headset, so the headsets needed are much simpler. Microphones are still needed in the ear cups to pick up the noise, but they are a lower cost option.

IFPL’s connectors for USB and RJ45 applications can be provided as standalone connectors or as part of a multiport connector. This means that passengers can benefit from one module with all the ports they need for audio, video and other portable electronic devices.

With the popularity of portable electronic devices, IFPL has developed a multimedia docking station providing full passenger interface output ports, including for iPods.

IFPL also manufactures various hardware products such as deployment arms, PCUs and consoles.